[][] Newsflash! - Las Vegas Shooting Prophesied! [][]

03Oct17  #22

​Dear Friends,
About an hour ago, live, on National Television, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, spoke about the mass shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. And as he related how he'd given orders for flags to be flown at half mast, and a news camera showed a live image of the flag over the White House at half mast, I remembered the vision I'd had of this back in 2014.

The outdoor concert had 20,000 people in attendance, when suddenly, from a window in a room of the adjacent Mandalay Hotel on the Las Vegas strip, automatic gunfire began spraying the crowd. At this moment, they are saying that 58 people are dead, and more than 515 people were wounded.

I remember hearing "VEGAS IN TURMOIL" back in 2015, as well as "CONCERT MASSACRE" Then "CONCERT VIOLENCE" later on in 2017. This isn't the first "concert massacre" that has come to pass. The first one, after the Prophecy, took place in France at the Bataclan Theater, in November of 2015, just 14 hours after I heard the words "CONCERT MASSACRE" where over 100 people were slaughtered. - Concert violence was seen again in a terrorist bombing in Great Britain at an Ariana Grande concert this past May, 4 months after the "CONCERT VIOLENCE" word. In the same hour that I heard "CONCERT VIOLENCE," I also heard "BRITISH BOMBING," which foretold the method of the violence. The initial reports were that 19 had died in the explosions, including children. And today, President Trump spoke the words "CONCERT MASSACRE" in his address to the nation regarding the Las Vegas disaster.

So, what we're seeing here is a repetition of these events. At (3) different concerts, since I began receiving Prophetic Words and posting them on (theunknownprophet777.com) from 2013 on. And what's unfortunate is there's more of these types of tragedies yet to come. Thinking back, before I began receiving such "words," a massacre at a concert was unheard of, and people never dreamed they'd be caught in the middle of a bloodbath at a concert while I was growing up. But now, there will be metal detectors soon in Las Vegas hotels and who knows what else, and where else? No doubt! Evil days indeed, with demon-possessed maniacs popping up on the left hand and on the right!

Once again I've brought you another bulletin which I've done from time to time when these Prophetic events unfold. Usually, it's with a heavy heart, for we live in a world that is chaotic, so the news reflects the chaotic events around us, many times with horrific casualties. Please join me again as we pray for the families and friends of those who were killed, and for the injured survivors. May God have mercy on them all!

Watch for the Prophetic Newsletter #43: November 2017 edition, where I'll be covering this event more accurately with Newspaper clips, photos and videos.

In His Service,

The Unknown Prophet 777

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