May/2017  #18

It's been in newspapers and on TV for days now, with photos of victims on the ground and shocking video footage of a car running people down on a sidewalk in Times Square of New York City. 1 Dead, 20 injured, some critically.

Back in 2015, during an angelic visitation, I heard, in the midst of a multitude of audible words spoken to me, the following  (3) words:

Prophecy -
And I Heard These Words: 
03/21/15 - From Prophecy #31: Unto The Nations ~ Page 1, Item 3 (l)

These Prophetic Words I receive are amazing, as in this particular case, when almost exactly 2 years later, I read the news article below.

03/19/17 -
 FULFILLED! - Headline - TIMES SQUARE MAYHEM RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT RECENT REDESIGN - By Hilary Russ - NEW YORK (Reuters) - The mayhem and death left in the trail of a car that sped along crowded sidewalks in New York Times Square has revived calls for banning vehicles from the Manhattan crossroads, one of the world's busiest tourist destinations.

The incident on Thursday, which killed one person and injured 20 others brought a new sense of vulnerability to New Yorkers and visitors alike.

The Times Square incident might have been worse if not for the short steel posts known as bollards, installed last autumn in some parts of the area to protect pedestrians, officials said.
Yes, you read it right, the above paragraph used the precise, exact words of the Prophecy from 2015. - "TIMES SQUARE 

In other lengthy articles from (Reuters) News that followed later, they emphasized how Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio stated at the scene that this was not a "terrorist attack," but (Reuters) referred to it as an "incident." In fact, in one Reuters account, they used the word "incident" in describing the event (5) times in just one article.

This is not a "coincidence," for these Prophetic Words I've received have come to pass, hundreds of times now, often word for word, in World News. This has been happening on a regular, almost daily basis since I began receiving them and posting them on our Website World HQ: (theunknownprophet777.com) from September 27th of 2013 on.
Thought I'd pass this on to you in advance, before I report it, and my other May 2017 fulfilled Prophecies, in the June Prophetic Newsletter next month.

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Let us pray for the victims of Times Square incident and their families.

The Unknown Prophet 777