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12April17- #17

Dear Friends,
You've more than likely heard of the USA's recent bombing of Syria over the attack by the Syrian Government on the Syrian people with chemical weapons. News footage that was aired on network television news worldwide showed images of men, women and children, in agony, foaming at the mouth and in violent convulsions from "nerve gas" before dying a horrible death.This was an extremely foolhardy move by Syria, because of what transpired in the past. 

Several years ago, Syria used chemical weapons on their own people and to avoid a USA invasion over it, they agreed to get rid of and destroy ALL of their chemical weapons, which they "supposedly" did, and vowed never to use them again. 

hey lied!

Here are some words of Prophecy I received after that time which describe these current events which have recently shocked the world:
Prophecy - 
And Then I Heard These Words:"A MAJOR SYRIAN MISTAKE" 
01/24/15 - Prophecy #29: Unto The Nations - Page 2, Item 9 (o)

04/24/15 - Prophecy #32: Unto The Nations - Page 2, Item 8 (f)

Prophecy ~ And I Heard These Words:"BATTLESHIP ATTACK!"
06/06/14 ~ Prophecy #22: Unto The Nations ~ Page 3, Item 17

Prophecy ~ And I Heard These Words: "MISSLE ATTACK"
07/13/15 ~ Prophecy #35: Unto The Nations ~ Page 3, Item 14 (w)

It was a "major Syrian mistake" of epic proportions, launching a "chemical weapons attack" again on their people. The result was a swift "battleship attack" by the USA with the use of over 50 Tomahawk "Missiles," which, by the way cost over $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) apiece. This only emphasizes the serious nature of what Syria has done, to bring such a response.

Just thought I'd share this with you, as these prophecies have been posted on our Website World HQ: (theunknownprophet777.com) for years. 

Let us pray for the families of the dead!

The Unknown Prophet 777

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