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With Accompanying Newspaper Article Excerpts And Media Coverage After They Are Fulfilled .....

12/18/13-                                                                                                                                              [1] PROPHECY:  “AND NOW COMETH FORTH <<MYSTERIES>>> AS WERE SHOWN UNTO ME ON THIS DAY OF THINGS THAT SHALL SURELY COME TO PASS IN ALL THE EARTH – FOR I SAW A DARKNESS AND A SADNESS, YEA, AND A MOURNING FOR THE DEAD, AND THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SAITH, “IN THE FAR EAST, THERE SHALL BE A GREAT SORROW AND THEY SHALL CRY AT THE LOSS OF LIFE, FOR IT SHALL BE GREAT!”                                             


03/18/14-  FULFILLED:  RESULTS:  And then Exacty <<77>> days later – The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – MALAYSIAN JETLINER WITH 239 ABOARD DISAPPEARS – By Ellen Ng – Associated Press – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Contact with a Malaysia Airlines Boeing <<777>>, carrying 239 people was lost over the South China Sea early this morning as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. And international aviation authorities still hadn’t located the jetliner several hours after it had been scheduled to land.


01/11/14-                                                                                                                                             [2]  PROPHECY: “FOR EVIL WALKETH UP AND DOWN IN THE EARTH CONTINUALLY, AND MANKIND DELIGHTETH HIMSELF THEREUNTO – THEREFORE, <<<CHINA>>>, WATCH THYSELF, FOR TROUBLES COMETH THY WAY!”[2A] 02/25/14 – PROPHECY: “CHINA, A SURPRISING ANNOUNCEMENT!”

03/02/14-  FULFILLED:  RESULTS:  The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – TERRORISM – ASSAILANTS KILL 29 IN CHINA – By Didi Tang – Associated Press – YUNNAN, CHINA – More than 10 knife wielding attackers slashed people at a train station in southwestern China yesterday in what Authorities called “A Terrorist Attack.” (PROPHECY: CHINA: A SURPRISING ANNOUNCEMENT!) – Police fatally shot 5 of the assailants who <<killed 29 people>> and injured 130, State Media said. The attackers, most of them in black, stormed the Kunming Train Station in Yunnan Province and started attacking people in the late evening, witness Yang Haifei told the official XINHUA NEWS AGENCY. He was interviewed from a hospital where he was being treated for chest and back wounds. “I saw one person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone,” he told Xinhua, adding “They just fell on the ground.” Authorities considered it to be “An organized, premeditated, violent terrorist attack.”

02/06/14–                                                                                                                                            [3] PROPHECY:  “EARTHQUAKES”

#1  FULFILLED  ON – 03/16/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper HEADLINE – EARTHQUAKES – Tremors struck in the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, a typical quake-free area. – Earlier movements also were felt in Southern Oregon and Northwestern California, South Central Alaska, Coastal Los Angeles and from the Florida Keys to Northern Cuba.

#2 FULFILLED  ON – 03/30/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper (2 weeks later) – HEADLINE – EARTHQUAKES – People in Northern Chile became alarmed by <<more than 300>> offshore quakes that struck in a single week. The swarm began with a magnitude 6.2 tremblor that prompted 100,000 coastal residents to briefly evacuate low-lying areas. Earth movements also were felt in Southern California, The Nicobar Islands and Central Oklahoma.

#3  FULFILLED  ON – 03/30/14 – RESULTS : The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – QUAKE NEAR L.A. LEAVES SOME BUILDINGS UNSAFE – By Alicia Chang – Associated Press – Blocks shaken from a wall (newspaper photo) lie on a sidewalk in Fullerton, Calif., after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit Orange County on friday night. More than <<100>> aftershocks rattled the area of Los Angeles. Business owners in Orange County spent the morning sweeping up shattered glass and restocking shelves. Utility crews worked to restore power and shut off natural gas leaks and water main breaks.

#4 FULFILLED  ON – 03/31/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – Next Day – EARTHQUAKE – BIGGEST QUAKE IN 34 YEARS RATTLES YELLOWSTONE PARK – Yellowstone National Park, which sits atop one of the world’s largest super-volcanoes, was struck yesterday by a magnitude-4.8 earthquake, the biggest recorded there since February 1980

02/06/14–                                                                                                                                               [4]   PROPHECY: “CYCLONES” 

#1  FULFILLED  ON – 03/16/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – TROPICAL CYCLONES – At least 3 people were killed when Cyclone LUSI lashed the South Pacific Island of Vanutu, causing buildings to collapse.

#2  FULFILLED  ON – 03/30/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper (2 weeks later) – HEADLINE – TROPICAL CYCLONE – Cyclone GILLIAN lashed Australia’s Indian Ocean territory of Christmas Island with high winds that tore roofs off homes and brought down trees and power lines.

#3 FULFILLED  ON – 0406/14 – RESULTS :The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – Headline – TROPICAL CYCLONE – Cyclone HELEN strengthened to one of the Most Powerful such storms On Record in the Northwestern Indian Ocean just before striking Northwestern Madagascar.

#4  FULFILLED  ON – 04/13/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – TROPICAL CYCLONES – Heavy storms that eventually collected into Cyclone ITA triggered floods in the Solomon Islands that killed 23 people and left 25 others missing.

 02/24/14–                                                                                                                                                [5] PROPHECY: “RIOTS SHALL BREAK OUT… POLICE SHALL SWING CLUBS AND SKULLS SHALL BE CRUSHED… CHEMICAL WEAPONS SHALL BE UNLEASHED, THERE IS BLOOD AND FIRE AND SMOKE AND MISERY AND PAIN.”

03/16/14–FULFILLED:  RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper Khartoum, Sudan – HEADLINE – POLICE FIRE TEAR GAS AT 200 DEMONSTRATORS FOR DARFUR – Sudanese police fired tear gas at 200 anti-government protesters in Northern Khartoum, the Capital, an eyewitness said. On Tuesday, one man died when police used tear gas and batons (PROPHECY: CHEMICAL WEAPONS AND CLUBS) on students protesting against escalating violence in the Western region of Darfur. The next day, security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators attending the student’s funeral. Khartoum has suspended classes indefinitely, because of the violence.

02/25/14–                                                                                                                                                [6] PROPHECY: “USA MORE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATIONS!”

04/01/14–  FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper Washington D.C. – District of Columbia mayor, Vincent Gray signed a bill yesterday that decriminalizes possession of up to an ounce of Marijuana in the U.S. Capital, a spokeswoman said.

12/21/13–                                                                                                                                               [7] PROPHECY: “MEDICINE/CURES COMING!”

03/16/14–  FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – VACCINE SHRINKS TUMORS IN DEADLY SKIN CANCER – By Bill Berkrot – REUTERS – An experimental cancer vaccine used to treat melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, proved effective in a late-stage study in shrinking tumors in a way that suggests the drug triggered the intended immune response. The Amigen Inc. vaccine shrank tumors that were directly injected with the drug and tumors around the body that were not injected, according to the data. The drug, Tamogene Laher-Parapvec, also known as T-Vec, is an engineered virus designed to replicate inside the injected tumor, killing the cancer there, as well as prime the immune system to attack other cancer cells around the body. Of the directly injected tumors, 64 percent shrank by at least half and 47 percent of those had a complete response, meaning the lesion had (DISAPPEARED), researchers said. Of the uninjected lesions in the skin or lymph nodes, known as non-visceral tumor lesions, 34 percent shrank by at least half, with complete response seen in 21 percent of those.

03/04/14–                                                                                                                                                                           [8] PROPHECY: “IN THE USA COMETH A GREAT RUMBLING AND SHIFTING IN THE EARTH BELOW – THE EARTH OPENETH WIDE IT’S MOUTH AND IT SWALLOWETH – THERE GOETH (HOME), PROPERTY AND POSSESSIONS, YEA, WITHIN THE EARTH THEY WENT DOWN THEREUNTO!”…….

03/24/14–  FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus DispatchNewspaper – By Donna Blankenship – ASSOCIATED PRESS – Arlington, Washington – Searchers found 5 more bodies yesterday in the debris from a massive landslide, that destroyed a small Riverside neighborhood in Washington State also critically injured several people and about (30 HOMES). “We have this huge square-mile mud-flow that’s basically (LIKE QUICKSAND).” – The slide wiped through what neighbors described as a former fishing village of small homes, some nearly 100 years old. “The neighborhood (IS NOT THERE ANYMORE.)” It was reported about (60 FOOT DEEP) in some areas……..

03/03/14–                                                                                                                                                [9] PROPHECY: “IN CALIFORNIA..LANDSLIDES…PROPERTY DESTROYED!”…….

03/30/14– FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – CALIFORNIA – “A rock slide in the Carbon Canyon area of nearby Brea caused a car to overturn and blocked traffic.”…….

03/24/14–                                                                                                                                                [10]PROPHECY:“THE EARTH, IT SHALL (QUAKE), THE SEA SHALL ARISE, A (TSUNAMI) SHALL TAKE THE WORLD BY SURPRISE * DEATH COMETH TO STALK, A HOWLING DISASTER, THE DESPERATE SHALL TALK TO AND CALL ON THE MASTER * (MANY SURVIVE), THEIR LIVES HAVE BEEN SPARED, STILL LEFT ALIVE, IN ANSWER TO PRAYER!”…….

#1  FULFILLED – 04/02/14 – RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper HEADLINE – TSUNAMI THREAT LINGERS AFTER QUAKE – By Luis Andres Henao – Associated Press – SANTIAGO, CHILE – A magnitude 8.2 (EARTHQUAKE) struck off Chile’s northern coast last night, killing at least 2 people, causing landslides that blocked roads and setting off a small (TSUNAMI) that forced an evacuation of coastal areas, but the region apparently escaped major damage and casualties…….

#2 FULFILLED – 04/03/14 – –RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – 2,600 HOMES ALONG THE COAST DESTROYED – By Anthony Esposito and Rosalba O’brien – REUTERS – SANTIAGO, CHILE Chilean authorities assessing damage yesterday from a (MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE) that struck off the Pacific coast, causing a small (TSUNAMI). The magnitude (8.2 QUAKE) that shook Chile on Tuesday (KILLED 6 PEOPLE) and triggered a (TSUNAMI) with 7 foot waves. As the waves receded, more than 900,000 people who had evacuated the country’s low-lying coastal areas returned to their homes, some to find their houses and livelihoods in ruins. A strong 7.8 tremblor struck the same area last night, the U.S. Geological Survey said. …….

01/18/14–                                                                                                                                                [11]   PROPHECY:“TWO KOREAS, SIDE BY SIDE, NORTH AND SOUTH THEY ARE – WORDS OF ANGER FROM THE MOUTH SHALL ECHO FROM AFAR – ‘WE HAVE MUCH FIRE, AND DEATH SHALL RAIN UPON THEE, WATCH AND SEE!’ – WITH BLUSTER, THE NORTH SHALL MUSTER ALL IT’S VICIOUS THREATS TO THEE…”…….

04/01/14–  FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – KOREAS TRADE FIRE OVER OPEN WATERS – By Jack Kim – REUTERS – SEOUL – North Korea fired more than 100 military rounds into South Korean waters as part of a drill yesterday, prompting the South to fire back, officials in Seoul said. Seoul also scrambled F-15′s on it’s side of the maritime border. “We believe the North’s maritime firing is a planned provocation and an attempt to test our military’s determination to defend.” South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman, Kim-Min-Sook said. The White House called the North’s actions “Dangerous and Provocative.”…….

01/18/14–                                                                                                                                                [12]  PROPHECY:“THE ROYAL LION, BRAVE AND BOLD, GREAT BRITAIN STANDETH TALL, BUT WALKETH IN ABOMINATIONS, LEADING TO IT’S FALL..”…….

03/29/14–  FULFILLED:   RESULTS: The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – LONDON – Marriage minded gays can begin tying the knot in Britain today, becoming the latest same-sex couples in Europe and beyond to have the right to do so and fulfilling a dream made possible by a Conservative-led government. A handful of town halls across the country prepared to open at midnight to allow nuptials that jubilant supporters called long overdue and and opponents deplored as an attack on traditional values. Britain is now one of about a dozen nations including France and Spain that permit same-sex couples to get hitched. Italy, which hosts the Vatican in it’s backyard, remains the only major European country not to offer gays some form of civil or domestic partnership. …….

03/23/14–                                                                                                                                                [13] PROPHECY:“YE WATCH T.V. AND READ THE NEWS, SO WHEN THIS HAPPENS, BE THOU NOT CONFUSED – WHEN ONE TROUBLE COMETH, THOU SHALT CLEARLY SEE, THESE TWO INITIALS,a “J” and a “B”.”…….

03/26/14– FULFILLED:  RESULTS:  The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – HEADLINE – FORMER (T.V.) JUDGE ARRESTED FOR REAL – REUTERS – Former celebrity Judge, Joe Brown got the book thrown at him in court this week. The former host of a reality court television show was arrested and sentenced on (MONDAY) (03/24/14) to five days in jail for throwing a fit in a Memphis, Tennessee courtroom, ABC reported. Brown, 66, became “pretty raucous” and “challenged the authority” of a Shelby County Magistrate, Harold Horne, after learning the child support case he was litigating was not on the docket, a CNN affiliate in Memphis reported. He had Brown in contempt five times before he left the courtroom, another judge told CNN. Brown spent 15 years arbitrating court cases on his television show, Judge Joe Brown, until it was cancelled In May. According to CNN, Brown is running for Shelby County district attorney. …….[NOTE:] THE ABOVE PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED THE DAY AFTER IT WAS GIVEN!…….

03/23/14–                                                                                                                                             [14] PROPHECY To the USA –“TROUBLE SHALL ARISE AND TERROR SHALL COME, YEA, A DOUBLE-SURPRISE, THAT SHALL LEAVE PEOPLE NUMB!”…….

SAME DATE                                                                                                                                           03/23/14–                                                                                                                                             [14A]  PROPHECY –“A TERRIBLE SPORTING (ACCIDENT) MAKETH HEADLINE NEWS!”…….

04/04/14–  FULFILLED:  RESULTS – The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper HEADLINE – SKY DIVER DIES IN BID TO SET GROUP RECORD – By David Schwartz – REUTERS – A German sky diver who was among (222) people trying to set a world record with a group-formation jump was killed yesterday in the Arizona desert when her parachute malfunctioned, police and a spokeswoman for the sky-diving facility said. The sky diver, identified as 46-year old Diana Paris of Berlin, was taking part in a first attempt to set the record yesterday morning when the Accident (“A TERRIBLE SPORTING ACCIDENT MAKETH HEADLINE NEWS!”) occurred organizers said “The malfunctioning parachute was released too low to allow the reserve parachute to fully open. (TROUBLE SHALL <<ARISE>>) She was declared dead on the scene.  6 Days Later. …….["A DOUBLE SURPRISE"]

04/10/14–  FULFILLED:  RESULTS: – The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper HEADLINE – SCHOOL VIOLENCE – TEENAGER SUBDUED AFTER 22 ARE KNIFED – By Kevin Begos and Joe Mandak – ASSOCIATED PRESS – MURRYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA – Flailing away with (2) kitchen knives, a 16-year old boy stabbed and slashed 21 students and security guard in the crowded halls of his Pittsburgh high school yesterday before an assistant principal tackled him. Four students remained in critical condition last night, including a boy whose liver was pierced by a knife thrust that narrowly missed his heart and aorta, doctors said. Others also suffered deep abdominal puncture wounds. The rampage set off a screaming stampede, left blood on the floor and walls, and brought teachers running to help the victims. …….

12/06/13-                                                                                                                                              [EARLIER RELATED PROPHECIES:]                                                                                                       [A]  PROPHECY –“TERROR SHALL STRIKE THY SCHOOLS AGAIN, NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT OVER AND OVER AND OVER, SAITH THE LORD THY GOD THAT SEETH ALL THAT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THY FUTURE!”…….

12/21/13–                                                                                                                                        [B] PROPHECY –“PENNSYLVANIA/TRAGEDY!

…….[Note:] The School Stabbing was in Pennsylvania!…….

***SPECIAL NOTE*** There were  2 Prophecies given on 03/23/14…….                                          



[a] There were 222 Sky Divers! – There were 2 Knives and 22 Stabbed! PROPHECY – “A DOUBLE SURPRISE THAT SHALL LEAVE PEOPLE NUMB!”…….

[b] DOUBLE means 2 – Both had the same numbers, 222…….

[c]“TROUBLE SHALL ARISE” Was The Sky Diving accident. …….

[d] “TERROR SHALL COME” Was The Stabbing at the school. …….

[e] BOTH had DOUBLE Prophecies! …….

[FINAL NOTE:] The Disappearing Airplane Vision was fulfilled exactly (77) Days afterward with the Malaysian Airlines Boeing (777)                                                                                                                         

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