Nov/2017~ The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 


(1) Hear thou not the serpent when he cometh to beguile thee. With temptation, deception and distraction he would lead thee astray.
(2) Therefore, be thou vigilant and aware of his devices, that ye not be caught off guard when he cometh in his subtlety to manipulate and misdirect thee.
(3) Fellowship not with devils nor their human counterparts, who are given unto occult practices, that follow after darkness, eschewing the light.
(4) Clueless are they, who take heed unto familiar spirits. Let them all be ashamed by their error, and astonished in the midst their folly.
(5) Who then, is more foolish than these, who receiveth counsel from hell? Hear them not, neither let them enter beyond the doorpost of thine house.
(6) For only a simpleton would have demons in his dwelling, with devils for housemates, companions and fellows.
(7) Or wouldst thou have thine abode as a habitation of vermin and a haven for scorpions and serpents?
(8) Therefore, let the Lord be the Lord of thine house, who is a sure foundation, which will not be moved, tho the earth be turned upside-down.
(9) Let the Spirit of Truth be in residence, where the righteous do gather and the holy love dwelling. Where faith, hope and charity are on continual display.
(10) There is wisdom in the man who guardeth his own heart, who is steadfast in the faith and wavereth not.
(11) While the fool is quick to enter into temptation, who loveth mischief, revelry and strong drink, to be polluted thereby both night and day.
(12) Behold the rebel who answereth to no man. He is contrary and stubborn. For even when he perceiveth his error, he continueth on his way.
(13) While the young man who is wise doth take heed unto sound reason, and desireth the counsel and experience of his elders, as goodly treasure.
(14) Such an one goeth after righteousness and to dwell with the upright is his fervent desire.
(15) Yet there are those who seek not to be holy, but are crude and like animals, not men.
(16) For even as the ass doth bray aloud, and the dog howleth at the moon, so doth the tongue of the fool bring forth cursing, strife and folly.
(17) Depart from his presence at the outbursts from his lips, that your ears be not polluted by the madness of his inconvenient speech.
(18) He that is wise weigheth his own words, the fruit of his mouth he measureth and considereth carefully before the utterance thereof.
(19) And rather than spew poison, to bring dishonor and shame, he would rather cut out his own tongue.
(20) For tho the fool doth speak without restraint, the righteous hath holy conversation. It blesseth the ear of the hearer, and bringeth glory and honor to God.
(21) Let thy speech, therefore, be honorable and just, that thy words of wisdom and counsel might be treasured, and sought after by men as gold.
(22) The conversation of the Godly shall be blessed, while the tongue of fools shall not prosper. 
 And there is no salvation in the mouth of evil doers. Surely, they shall be cut down as weeds, and cast into the fire, for their folly, at the judgement.
(24) But whosoever turneth his way unto the Lord, who repenteth, and doth put the past behind him shall see Heaven.


(1) There is peace of mind and strength of character in the hearts and lives of the Godly. When adversity cometh, they will find a way.
(2) Tests have answers, and trials have an end, while tribulation bringeth experience and perseverance.
(3) The heathen doth always complain when tried, but the righteous knoweth that he will wax even stronger from it.
(4) Lessons that are learned in the heat of adversity last a lifetime and causeth thee to grow. Faith, then, overcometh all things.
(5) Death is a scourge to the unbeliever, for unto him it is the end of all things. While the Godly know it is just the beginning of never ending joys, celebration and rewards in the hereafter.
(6) Men of the flesh comprehend not things spiritual. When the heathen beholdeth men of prayer at worship, "They are surely mad," thinketh he.
(7) The carnal man doth not worship any God, for he believeth in himself alone. Why then, doth he cry out, "Oh God, Oh God!" on his dying day?
(8) "Save me now from the jaws of death, for I perish!" he saith, who avoided his creator always before.
(9) And while the ungodly hath great fear of dying, it is hell which they should fear. For without God, it is their assured destination.
(10) Rejoice now, while the breath of life remaineth in thee. Savor each moment, bearing your burdens, trusting the Lord in all things.
(11) And whosoever believeth on him, liveth, both now and forevermore.
(12) There is no ending in Christ the Lord, who hath overcame death, hell and the grave. 
(13) In him there is no lack, nor reason for despair. He is the blessed hope, that quickeneth and maketh thee alive, throughout all ages, unending. Amen.
(14) For the benefit of the soul, let the rebel turn from his rebellion, the fool turn from his folly and the wicked from his wicked deeds.
(15) Knowing that the works of the flesh lead to thine own undoing, and whatsoever ye have sown, that also, ye shall reap. 
(16) Can the liar be redeemed, the harlot be set free, the thief and robber made clean? Behold, it is so!
(17) For the Lord is merciful unto all sinners that come unto repentance, he doth pardon and forgive in great measure, whomsoever bendeth the knee.
(18) Hast thou shed blood? Even the murderer hath great hope, who repenteth and turneth his way unto the Savior.
(19) Therefore, let the broken now praise him, the condemned leap for joy, for the light of Salvation in Christ Jesus hath overtaken all who find him.
(20) Angels bow before him, devils fear and tremble. This precious Son of God who hath power on earth to forgive men of their sins.
(21) Choose him while there is yet time, forsake evil before it destroyeth thee, for today is the day, the moment is now, to be clean and fresh and whole.

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