March 2017 ~ The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 


The fool liveth only in the moment and considereth not the future. His disregard of making plans for his eternal home shall be his own undoing.
(2) "Eat, drink and be merry," saith he, "for tomorrow we die!" as if death is the final end of his journey. Behold, it is but the beginning!
(3) See the simpleton? He maketh long plans for holiday vacations, who seeth to every detail, that all might go well, but spiritual matters he avoideth!
(4) There is no long-term plan for such an one, yea, he putteth the very thought far from his mind, that it troubleth him not.
(5) "Woe is me!" he shall say at the judgement! "What a fool am I!" shall be the words of his speech, when it is far too late.
(6) Be ye not such as he, that ye may not be ashamed before your maker when the moment of truth is at hand.
(7) For there is a day of reckoning to come, where every living soul will be examined, every idle word and deed of the past shall be judged. 
(8) Art thou washed in the blood of the lamb? It is thine only hope and remedy for sin. Come unto the Savior today and be cleansed, while there is yet time!
(9) Make room in the heart for the Christ of God. ~ Repent, and taste the very essence of his sweet salvation in thine own soul, for yea, it satisfieth, wholly.
(10) Have fellowship with the master now, while ye are yet on earth, that when ye shall see him, in his kingdom at the judgement seat, ye are already established.
(11) Behold, then your garments shall have no stain, for tho they were as crimson, they now are whiter than snow. 
(12) Whosoever trusteth in the Lord hath a sure foundation. When adversity cometh, like a rock, he stayeth in his place!
(13) He who lacks wisdom, regardeth not the advice of his elders ~ Tho his years be fewer, "I am superior!" thinketh he.
(14) In the light of day, darkness must depart! ~ Likewise, True Children of the Light drive away shadow, gloom and despair! 
(15) Who is that man who goeth after righteousness? Behold, such an one hath, Wisdom, Principles, Honor and Respect.
(16) I considered Holy Wisdom and desired to be filled. I sought it as great treasure, more than silver, more than gold!
(17) It is wise to have patience, for some matters require time and effort to be completed. It is folly to desire everything on the instant!
(18) Whosoever hath a noble plan and worketh it diligently shall see results in it's season of completion.
(19) Hast thou a dream, that ye would go forth to prosperity? Put thy hand to the plough and turn thou not back.
(20) Take heart, for if thou art faithful, thy good success is coming and thou shalt have thy reward. Press on, I say unto thee, press on and prosper!
(21) Hast thou seen difficulties with thy partners of business? He who is wise doth seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance. Behold, he faileth not!
(22) For the Lord God would cause thee to flourish and to enlarge thy borders. His counsel and sound wisdom are beyond compare. Seek it today!


It is no secret, what the Lord thy God can do. There is nothing beyond his abilities, as the very wisest of men have discovered.
(2) And it is this great simplicity that bringeth results as never before. Pray, and after prayer, listen. Then take heed to the counsel from his Holy Spirit.
(3) Be ye not such an one as he who prayeth, saith "Amen," then attendeth to other matters immediately thereafter.
(4) Wilt thou insult the Lord, to seek his counsel, then before the spirit replieth, end the conversation and the chance of response?
(5) Ye deal not with men in this fashion. For when ye seek the advice of men, thou awaiteth thereafter for their reply. Do ye not?
(6) How pressing are one's earthly affairs, that one cannot be still and wait upon the Lord?
(7) And when thou prayeth, expect an answer. Listen, for this gift of prayer is a two-way conversation with God!
(8) Thou prayeth, the Lord heareth, then answereth, yea, this is the plan.
(9) Therefore enter into thy closet of prayer, pray, then attune thyself to the Spirit's counsel, his urgings, nudgings, promptings, his still small voice and guiding impressions.
(10) For this is the will of thy Father, who loveth thee, and desireth to lead thee and guide thee along the way. 
(11) Seek him daily, that ye shall learn his voice and communications. Let thy daily interactions with the Almighty become a burning desire and a great pleasure unto thee.
(12) For there is excitement and wonder manifested unto all those who have mastered a successful prayer life,
(13) And there is no greater honor than to hear from heaven and to have fellowship with the God who dwelleth therein.
(14) Yet there are some who would rather die than utter even one word of supplication and inquiry. 
(15) However, on their bed of death, behold, then, they do pray in earnest!
(16) Be thou not a fool, deal with thy maker often, not at the end only, and as a last resort, after a lifetime of neglect.
(17) It is wisdom to consult with the giver of life and the all-knowing creator of all things. What better counsel can be found elsewhere?
(18) For there is none greater, nor more qualified to bring thee good success, than he who hath made the universe and who knoweth all the secrets contained therein!
(19) What man of flesh and blood can know the unknown, see the unseen and hear the unheard as doeth the Almighty, regularly?
(20) And how shall the advice and direction from an whole host of lost sinners begin to compare unto him?
(21) Behold, all of creation looketh daily unto the experts in earthly matters. What of their creator, who knoweth of all heavenly and earthly matters combined?
(22) Is not his divine direction worth a patient mind and attentive spirit? Even thy weary flesh should await him happily, in humble anticipation!
(23) For even though thine answer may often arrive in an instant, what is it to thee if it taketh hours in contemplation to know his response in important matters?
(24) Did not even the Lord Jesus Christ go into the wilderness, fasting and praying for forty days and forty nights, and into the mountains alone, praying oft?
(24) Be thou not a slave to the clock, and let not an ironclad daily schedule interfere with spiritual matters to thine own detriment and decline.
(25) Make time for the Lord daily, it is of the utmost importance. The blessings and insights to be gained thereby are too vast to ignore and too important to be missed! 

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