Sept/2016 -The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777


(1) Trust not the arm of flesh, nor the carnal mind in thy major decision makings. For he who is wise doth let the Lord guide his steps.
(2) In the multitude of counselors, there is confusion. One leadeth thee here, while another would lead thee there. Often in opposite directions.
(3) But, if ye would seek the counsel of men, look unto those who hath proven themselves, over time, to be wise and discreet.
(4) For a wise man speaketh from experience. His wisdom having been obtained by the learning of many lessons throughout his lifetime.
(5) Those who are wise, who follow after righteousness, and faith in their Creator, can overcome any obstacle, win any battle.
(6) The Lord seeth the heart of those who are faithful and true. They shall have their reward for their steadfast faithfulness and dependability.
(7) But they who are unreliable and live a lie shall one day be greatly ashamed, and dishonored for their untrustworthiness and deceptions.
(8) The Lord discerneth a man inside and out. And though he may fool others, the Lord seeth his every deed, heareth every word and knoweth his every thought.
(9) For with God, there are no hidden secrets. The life of every creature can be viewed as an open book, before him continually.
(10) Therefore, live life with this understanding, that ye be not ashamed before him, nor before his angels, which are ever present silent witnesses as well.
(11) Yet many there be who think they walk alone. For in their spiritual blindness, they neither see, nor percive the cloud of witnesses from above, nor the angels encamped below.
(12) Though a million angels be present, the natural senses and the carnal mind comprehendeth it not.
(13) For that which is spiritual is spiritually discerned, and not always known by the six senses.
(14) Therefore, unto all who would know the deeper depths, who desireth spiritual eyes, visions, dreams and revelations.
(15) Let them embrace God, who giveth these gifts, and who dwelleth in the supernatural and unseen realm continually.
(16) For unto him, miracles are normality, the supernatural his daily routine, and the giving of spiritual gifts and anointings unto men his great desire.
(17) Yet some would scoff at visions, and make light of spiritual dreams. Unto those who hath fleshly discernment alone, it is madness.
(18) Did they not mock the prophets of old? Even when their Prophecies were fulfilled? Therefore, let all who are visionary expect the ridicule of carnal men who know of earthly and worldly matters only.
(19) But hate them not, saith the Lord, for they who now see, were at one time blind. And those who now possess knowledge and enlightenment, were once in ignorance and darkness as well.
(20) Mock not the spiritually blind, it is wickedness. Would ye mock those who are sightless in the eyes of flesh? Would ye make jest over the handicapped? God forbid! For ye would be heartless and cruel.
(21) But pray for such ones, that they might see the light as well.
Be an example, that thine inner glow may draw others into the fold.
(22) Shall all men become enlightened? Will all be saved from their sins? At the judgement, the wicked will face their error, their rejection of truth and righteousness becoming their downfall.
(23) There is no salvation for the scoffer who hated to the end, all that is holy, sacred and just.
(24) Why would the Almighty, at the judgement, desire eternal fellowship in his kingdom with these, who despised him? Who chose darkness and evil works while dwelling upon the earth?
Forsaking all righteousness and upright living, as children of the devil, such ones shall be reunited with their father in hell.


(1) Follow after the sensual and the pleasures of the flesh at thine own peril. Defile not the body, which is the temple of God, with fornications and adultery.
(2) He who doeth these hath not respect for his own body, nor for others with whom he doth cavort.
(3) Let not the lust for flesh, nor for silver and gold take hold upon thee. For these are responsible for the fall, throughout the ages of many mighty men.
(4) When the harlot doth entice thee, flee her presence speedily, before thou art caught, like a fly in her web of shame.
(5) Art thou married? Seek not another, lest thou doth break thine own solemn vow of faithfulness.
(6) Wives, love your own husbands, that they stray not away from thee for thine inconsistencies and neglect.
(7) Husbands, do ye likewise. Always love and protect your own wives, keeping them safe and secure in all things.
(8) Hast thou children? Raise them with care and compassion. Correct them when they are wrong, praise them when they do right.
(9) Hast thou respect for thine own seed? Lead them in a wholesome lifestyle, be ye an example and mentor in life
(10) And when they have grown, they may continue to seek thy wisdom and counsel, that hath taught them and served them so well.
(11) Behold, thy children, they are the future of mankind. Raise them
well, love them much, fail them not.
(12) And whatsoever ye desire for thine offspring, ye are their primary 1
example. Therefore, live the life, talk the talk and walk the walk, lest they see hypocrisy in thee and reject thine instructions with disdain.
(13) And if thou hast lost all respect from thy children, ye shall bitterly regret when it produceth bad fruit in them, the result of thine own poor example.
(14) Walk ye therefore in the truth and the light of my word daily, saith the Lord. Live honestly and simply before both God and man.
(15) An honest man knoweth only to be true. Deceptions are foreign unto him. Such an man would rather die than deal in falsehoods.
(16) The wicked loveth the lie, it is their natural state of being, just like their father, the devil. The upright and the truthful are a mystery unto these.
(17) In this world, ye shall see much deception and untruths. See that ye do not become ensnared in lies, for they will surely find you out, for all to see, when you think not.
(18) The fool careth not after his own words, be they truth or false. He speaketh as a simpleton, who ruleth not his mouth, nor bridleth his foolhardy tongue.
(19) By thine own words ye are heard and judged, and by thy deeds ye are known. See that ye are outstanding in both.
(20) Thy lips could become thine own downfall, thy members thine
undoing. Therefore, speak the truth only, and let thy hands refrain from mischief.
(21) The thief cometh to rob and to take from a man, while the upright loveth to give. One is as a curse, the other a blessing. One is despised, while the other is loved.
(22) What shall thy legacy be upon the earth? When thy days are ended, shall thy memory inspire? Wilt thou be forgotten, or remembered and cherished?
(23) What ye do today shall follow thee tomorrow. See that ye squander not thy future reputation with foolishness!
(24) Hast thou already failed, thy life in disarray and shambles? Turn ye now unto thy Creator and begin anew while there is yet time. Become a new creature in Christ Jesus, both now and forevermore.
Behold, in him, all is fresh and new, the former ways forsaken, the future bright and promising.


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