~ TheProverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 


(1) In the absence of love, the heart becometh the devil's own playground.
(2) There is hatred, loathing, unforgiveness, bitterness, envyings, resentment and strife.
(3) The upright hath the fruit of compassion. There is love, kindness, mercy, sympathy and goodwill.
(4) He who is wise showeth honor and respect. While the fool doth hate and despise.
(5) Where goeth the righteous, there is concern and care for others.
(6) The wicked regardeth only himself. Unto him, he is all that matters.
(7) The selfish one eateth his bread in secret. He hideth his meat, lest another should find it and partake thereof.
(8) Know ye not that there are those who would rather sit in darkness and cold, than share their light and warmth with another?
(9) Behold, on a cold and dreary night, a man hath an unexpected visitor knocking at his door. Not wanting company, he quickly poureth water upon the hearth
(10) He putteth out the flames in haste, before he answereth, lest his visitor, upon entering, enjoy the pleasant comfort of his home.
(11) Yea, his whole house hath soon waxed cold, but this reluctant host is satisfied. "Perhaps, after he departeth, he shall never return!" thinketh he.
(12) Be thou not like unto him. But be ye hospitable, a good host, welcoming.
(13) And when thou seest thy neighbor in need, harden not thine heart, nor look away. When thy day of adversity cometh, would ye that one should do likewise unto thee?
(14) Life is a continual story of sowing and reaping. Sow a blessing, reap a blessing. Sow evil, reap evil. Sow nothing, reap nothing.
(15) For if ye plant not, nor plant wisely, nothing or very little is forthcoming.
(16) Behold the simpleton who putteth stones into the ground. "At the harvest, from these, I shall reap corn!" saith he.
(17) Wilt thou do such foolhardiness also? Shall ye sow into the earth, that which shall bring forth nothing unto thee?
(18) Can a man plant beans and expect to harvest grapes? Or shall he plant beets and produce bananas? It is impossible!
(19) Whatsoever ye desire in life, ye must sow the selfsame seed in order to harvest the intended fruit thereof.
(20) Therefore, plant good seed, that it may return upon thee, in it's own form, and kind. Yea, in full measure and quantity, that your joy may be fulll


(1) There is victory in the presence of angels when they are moved into action on behalf of men.
(2) Be ye ever mindful that this is so, activating them often through prayer.
(3) No one is more alone than he who hath forsaken fellowship and interaction with the Almighty. Such men are the cause of their own misery!
(4) Who is he that hath much regret and despair? That one that hath perished unexpectedly, in his sins, and repented not.
(5) Behold, to his horror, he findeth himself suddenly in the flames of hell with the damned. And there is no relief, for now it is everlastingly too late.
(6) There is no man who hath descended into eternal damnation, who hath not put himself there by his own foolish choices.
(7) "God is cruel, for sending the sinner into torment," saith the scoffer, when they have only themselves to blame for their folly and misfortune.
(8) For the Lord would not that any man perish, but many there be who cometh to their own unfortunate end by foolhardy choices, and riotous living.
(9) See that ye fall not into the same trap and snare that hath been the eternal undoing of multitudes.
(10) Let all who would walk in heavenly places and unending bliss make provision now for the spiritual life in the hereafter, that ye be not ashamed.
(11) Behold the fool, he hath concern for worldly matters alone. When the judgement cometh, he is filled with surprise and astonishment.
(12) What shall his answer be then? How shall his worldly concerns be able to redeem him now, when all is lost?
(13) And when the righteous be exalted in their own season, in the fullness of their salvation, there goeth great joy and gladness.
(14) But the sinner, lost in his sin and rebellion shall mourn and lament that he did not take heed, who turned a deaf ear, and a blinded eye in the day of his visitation.
(15) See that ye do not put off the surrender and salvation for thine own soul. There is nothing more important, nothing more needful of serious contemplation and decisive action.
(16) Know ye not, ye throngs of rebels and fools, that your life and time on earth is quickly ended and the soul goeth forth unto eternity thereafter?
(17) Life in this present world is a minor, but important proving ground for to establish thy eternal dwelling place now, while there is yet breath remaining.
(18) Get your house in order, for time is short and we soon fly away.

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