203Dec15  The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 

Chapter Thirteen

(1) The ways of the Lord are deep and wondrous, his majesty and love are beyond compare. All who are truly wise do seek him in earnest.
(2) Those who lack wisdom regardeth not their Creator, worldly are they, heavenly matters interest them not.
(3) The lusts of the flesh, and that which is carnal are of the utmost importance unto these.
(4) Hear now the tongue of the fool; behold, it is profane, it curseth and maketh conflicts to arise. Yea, it needeth the bridle to prevent it.
(5) Whomsoever loveth turmoil and strife, he weigheth not his words, but speaketh of a sudden before thoughtful consideration.
(6) The wise are slow to speak, while the fool doth blurt out folly.
(7) Hateful words are like wildfire, they began as sparks, but soon becometh a fiery inferno.
(8) He who loveth his neighbor loveth himself, for his kindness and blessings will return upon him. Verily, he shall reap what was sown.
(9) The heart of the selfish is absorbed with his own interests. Though his neighbor is in need, it moveth him not. Unto him, he alone is of importance.
(10) There are those who care not for the needs of others. No, not even their own flesh and blood. Cold and self-centered are these.
(11) Who feedeth the hungry, doth clothe the naked and helpeth the oppressed? - Not the heartless one, for in his eyes they are unworthy.
(12) A man might think himself merciful, but when he encountereth a troubled soul in dire need, he is put to the test,
(13) Therefore, if thy words and thoughts be pure and noble, let thy deeds and actions prove to be likewise.
(14) A fool is rebuked, a rebel scorned, but a hypocrite is despised by both God and man.
(15) Let the hypocrite repent, let him forsake his hypocrisy, that he may discover the blessings of truthfulness.
(16) The devil is a liar, and all those who are full of deception are his faithful children.
(17) Where there is confusion, chaos and upheaval, there go they.
(18) Behold the talebearer, he resteth not until he soweth seeds of discord and strife among men.
(19) Like a serpent, his mouth is full of venom. Hear him not!
(20) Turn away from such an one that speaketh with the lips of a fool. He hath not understanding, who hateth righteousness and the upright.
(21) The wicked hath fellowship with devils, whilst the righteous hath fellowship with God.
(22) Let Godly discernment and understanding take hold upon thee, that thou mayest be a wise judge of character.
(23) God hath given thee the spirit of life. Welcome his Holy Spirit within thee as well, that ye might commune with the Almighty.
(24) For he hath formed thee for this very purpose, that thou mayest walk with him in Spirit and in Truth.
(25) Desirest thou his living waters? Come, draw deep from the wells of salvation, and be filled with his goodness and love.
(26) In the presence of the King there is happiness and great joy. And though the earth is full of conflict, I will rest in his tender care.

Chapter Fourteen

(1) The wicked, they are corrupt, for their
heart is full of evil. They follow after deviltry morning, noon and night.
(2) These rebels, they are of men, worldly and lost. Continual sin and transgressions maketh their heart to grow cold.
(3) Their conscience is dulled, their moral's corrupt. Who followeth iniquity with a passion, who walketh in darkness, who hateth the light.
(4) Where there is murder and mayhem, there dwelleth the wicked. He loveth the shedding of innocent blood, he findeth joy in evil deeds.

(5) Behold the terrorist, who sharpeneth his sword. He maketh ready the bomb with great skill. His weaponry and guns are his dearest friends.
(6) "Infidels!" he calleth his prey. "Off with their heads!" saith he. Men, women and children. It mattereth not unto him, he slayeth them all.
(7) He knoweth not love, he hath not compassion, his religion is in vain. Even his own kind understandeth him not, but condemneth his deeds.
(8) All men of terror shall dwell together in hell. Of every nation every kingdom, every land and every people, their ways leadeth into the pit.
(9) And who is the terrorist? Who are these under such condemnation? All who loveth to cause fear and trembling, who sheddeth the innocent blood with ease. These are men of terror, all those such as they.
(10) Therefore, let no man say "I am not of these!" when he doeth evil works. Who droppeth the bomb, who slayeth the children, who bringeth great fear upon many, without reason nor provocation.
(11) Let there be a repentance and a turning away of such deeds, before thou awakeneth and findeth thyself in hell.
(12) For if mankind doth examine his own conscience, when he weigheth himself in the balance, with all honesty, and findeth himself wanting.
(13) If he then changeth not his ways, he shall go forth with devils, and dwell with all his fellows, the damned, forevermore.
(14) It is he fool who goeth forever, down into the pit. for he hath, by virtue of choice, the power to decide his eternal abode.
(15) If he goeth into everlasting reward, all is well. But entereth thou he into eternal punishment, he hath none to blame other than himself.
(16) Therefore, be wise with thy choices and let Salvation spring forth upon thee whilst there is yet time.
(17) And be ye not ashamed of the cross, nor the blood of the precious Lamb of God.
(18) Embrace ye the Savior, who is Jesus Christ, the Lord. For it is he who hath all power, both in Heaven and upon Earth to forgive sins.
(19) The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is he. Call upon his name, taste and see that he is good. He will reveal himself unto thee!
(20) Behold, only he bringeth the gift of salvation, and everlasting delight. The wise, they still seek him, more than silver, more than gold!

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