Nov/2015 ~The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777


(1) Give thanks for thy blessings and thy trials alike. For though the blessing bringeth joy and gladness, the trial bringeth patience, buildeth character, lendeth strength and giveth experience.
(2) Be steadfast in the faith, in the day of adversity when it falleth upon thee. - Faint not, for this too shall pass.
(3) If the troubles of the moment seem more than ye can bear, have courage, tomorrow is another day.
(4) All men rejoice when life is easy and times are pleasant, but he who is glad in the midst of hardship and troubles, such an one hath faith.
(5) False courage can be found in the temporary deception of strong drink, but men of faith have courage in the Lord, and are sober minded.
(6) Whosoever trusteth in their Creator hath a sure foundation, and are not moved, nor shaken easily.
(7) Walk in the light of God's presence, where darkness and shadows depart. There is comfort and peace in the fellowship of the Almighty!
(8) There is a Great Physician, who healeth all disease, and when thou hath a sickness, go to him on bended knees.
(9) Just pray to him in earnest, for he is God's only son. And in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it's done!
(10) He who seeketh wisdom is full of many questions. To find answers and solutions are his greatest of desires.
(11) The fool hath no such yearnings, for he believeth he hath the answers to all things already.
(12) The slothful man is slow to move, but quick to complain. "Why spend time and effort on matters now," saith he, "when a nap would be most delightful?"
(13) A slacker has no ambition, "Why do something now," saith he, "when there is always tomorrow?" - But when the morrow comes, he only repeateth what was said on the yesterday.
(14) He who is ambitious, maketh plans, and then doth carry them out faithfully, to the completion. The slacker maketh plans to nap and lay about. His ambition is laziness, and lack of effort.
(15) Blessed is he who maketh a promise and keeps it. His word is good among men, and he is known for honesty of heart.
(16) A liar is deceptive in all of his ways and maketh enemies daily. And when he is needy, no man shall help him, for his name is dirt.
(17) An honest man hath many friends, for his word is like gold. When he speaketh, the hearer is glad for his truthfulness. He can be relied on!
(18) A talebearer is like a disease, he spreadeth lies from ear to ear.
(19) A busybody resteth not, until his gossiping tongue hath fully spoken. - He goeth door-to-door, his mouth is full of mischief.
(20) A fool loveth controversy. His heart rejoiceth when he findeth it.
(21) He is happy for conflict and doth glory in misfortune, unless it is his own.


(1) Let all men desire to know their Creator. A man may know his mother and his father, but let him seek out who breathed within him a living soul.
(2) There is fellowship to be had with God, such as cannot be found with mortal men. Behold, thy maker knoweth thee, inside and out.
(3) Flesh and blood, it hath it's strengths, but an overcoming spirit hath unlimited potential.
(4) A fool exerciseth the body continually, but denieth the soul, and avoideth spiritual matters. What shall he then say at the judgement?
(5) He who lacketh wisdom loveth the sensuality and depravity of the flesh. He liveth in the moment, and thinketh not of the morrow, nor considereth he the consequences of his folly.
(6) When he doth awaken after his night of strong drink, he curseth the pain and misery in his head. his ears do ring, like a bell.
(7) And after he recovereth, goeth back for more of the same. Yea, the fool hath returned unto his folly.
(8) He considereth not that his drink, and intoxications leadeth to sorrows, poverty and worse, in the days ahead.
(9) He is drunken, but goeth for his car, to go home. Behold, his senses are dulled, his foot groweth heavy, he speedeth. Now he weaveth, to and fro, and discerneth not the road before him. It is confusion.
(10) His eyes seeth double, the earth whirleth about him, death may suddenly meet him before he endeth his journey.
(11) Flee such intoxications, my son, let thy mind have sobriety at all times. For there is death in the drink, and deception in the drug. Avoid them at all costs.
(12) Be ye not overtaken with the temptations of this present world, for there is an unhealthy end to all unrighteousness.
(13) Let a man walk in holiness before his maker, and take on the divine nature, which is contrary to all that is evil and corrupt.
(14) Forsake all deviltry and rebellion. Hell hath been prepared for all the followers thereof. Are ye not better than these?
(15) Only a fool hath turned a deaf ear to the things of God. He hath no worship within him but for himself.
(16) Be careful whom thou adjoineth thyself unto. If thou hast company with fools, thy future is grim. Thine own folly cometh shortly thereafter.
(17) Seek after the mind of God. Crave to do his will and follow his direction. Let thy ways be his ways, and speak with the voice of truth.
(18) There is truth, and there are lies. Christ Jesus is that Truth, and that old serpent, the devil, is the father of all lies.
(19) There are two ways to go. See that ye squander not your destiny on he who is abominations, and a million deaths.
(20) Time is short, and the end draweth nigh. See that thou art ready, with the day of the Lord approaching swiftly.


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NOVEMBER 2015 |The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777