May/2015TheProverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777

Chapter Nine

(1) Behold the slothful man. He is forever lazy. He hateth to raise the hand to feed himself and his house is in ruins.
(2) Wherever there is work, there goeth he not.
(3) He remaineth in his house. "It is too hot without!," "It is too cold!" "Therefore, I cannot work today!" is his continual speech.
(4) "There is violence in the streets, I may be slain!" - This man hath an excuse for all things.
(5) His greatest friends are his bed and chair, there lieth he and he sitteth thereupon night and day.
(6) Be thou not like such an one, for thou shalt quickly come to poverty and hunger. Behold, his substance is soon spent and his pantry is barren.
(7) On the earth, there goeth many men who behave in various ways. Consider now these few. Some are wise, some are foolish.
(8) See that man who is hasty of spirit? There is no patience within him, as he striveth to accomplish everything on the instant.
(9) The wise hath patience and are methodical. - For they have the understanding that even their Creator taketh thought and deliberation.
(10) The earth was not formed in a day, neither were the stars, nor the universe in which they dwell!
(11) Yet, the fool, in his haste, desireth everything now. Therefore, his disappointments are sure and his failures are many.
(12) The wise man knoweth prosperity, how to increase his silver and his gold with careful thought, planning and timely shrewd investments.
(13) The fool wasteth all his substance in a moment. At a game of chance there goeth his riches, for he wanteth prosperity today.
(14) His greed for quick gain hath brought him down quickly. His lust for fast riches hath brought him anguish. His silver and gold are now departed.
(15) And what is the lesson to be learned from his folly? Be patient, be wise, invest only in that which wisdom saith will bring a sure increase.
(16) Poverty cometh in a second. Riches are acquired over time, with wise consideration, careful planning, patience, much work, dedication and faith.
(17) Hear wisdom thou foolish ones. Gamble not thine substance away.

(18) Avoid the cards, the dice, the betting on the horse and the dog before thou art consumed thereby. - Yea, poverty and despair shall be thy only rewards.
(19) There is loss and tragedy in the end. Thy debts are unpaid, thy family seeth hunger, thou art defeated and discouraged within.
(20) Follow not this proven path to ruin. Many there be who hath learned this hard lesson before.
(21) Therefore, let a man give forth to honest work and let him prosper thereby. And when he dieth, there is an inheritance that followeth after.

Chapter Ten

(1) There are ways whereby a man might defile himself if he is not careful to be ensnared by them. Hear now and learn wisdom.
(2) Flee the lusts of the eye and the urges of the flesh. Let not the way of depravity and fornications have their way with thee.
(3) Yield not thy members to that which is but momentary pleasure that endeth in disaster. Behold, entire nations have fallen as a result of such indiscretions.
(4) As it is written, it is better to marry than to burn.
(5) And follow thou not after unnatural affections. Woulds't thou be as the sodomites and the men and women of gomorrah?
(6) Desirest thou destruction, such as was fallen upon them all? - Knowest thou what sodomy meaneth? Woulds't thou be such as they, who were all destroyed?
(7) The sodomite and the lesbian are now a sign of modern times, but are doomed by their folly.
(8) Know ye not the foolhardiness of their error? Do not even the beasts of the earth find mates of opposite gender?
(9) Why doth a man insult his God and goeth after confusion to lie with mankind as with womankind? - Is it not scripturally forbidden?
(10) But many shall say "It is love, and God smileth upon love!" - Even as a woman lieth with another woman, the abomination is alike and the same.
(11) Let us reason, is this not the work of Satan to pervert the holy plan of the almighty? - Doth not scripture teach thee marriage is for a man and a woman?
(12) Doth not mankind defy God by same-gender unions? - Is his word a lie that man should disregard it?
(13) But out of the hardness of their hearts and filled with rebellion against that which is natural and holy, they did lust after and marry their own gender.
(14) There are many unnatural affections on the earth and all are to be avoided. The one who loveth and lieth with beasts, the pedophile who loveth and lieth with the young.
(15) Should these marry, that loveth? - Nay, for their love is perverse and an outrage.
(16) Hear thou wisdom, not all love is wholesome or of any virtue. Needest thou discernment on such matters? Study the holy scriptures where the answers are plainly found.
(17) Common sense should teach thee as well. The father truly loveth his daughter, but should they then marry after that his wife hath died?

(18) Should the brother marry his sister or an uncle marry his niece? It is out of the question, surely thou knoweth this is so.
(19) Be ye not partakers of abominations. They are a path to hell.
(20) Unnatural love is of the devil, avoid it at all costs.
(21) Take heed lest thou succumb to such enticements and lose thy very soul to damnation.
(22) For these ungodly ways of the world are a snare of great danger. And he who followeth after them is a friend of devils and an enemy of God. Take heed and have no part of such confusion.

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