May/2015   TheProverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777


(1) He who hath wisdom will seek the Lord early. Not as a last resort, but from the very beginning.
(2) That man is a fool who charteth his course by the stars, and who followeth astrologers for guidance. He would do better being led by the blind.
(3) See those who followeth enchantments, occult and familiar spirits? Behold, God is a jealous God, for he would lead men by his Holy Spirit.

(4) When thou prayeth, listen for an answer. Prayer is a two-way street, a man prayeth, the Lord answereth. Listen, I say unto thee, Listen!
(5) Hast thou a burden, art thou stressed, give it to the Lord, and be thou blessed.
(6) Hath a sickness come upon thee, thy physicians cannot heal? - There is still one who can help thee, for his healing power is real.
(7) Do not lose hope nor be discouraged, thou art truly not alone. Trust in the Lord and be encouraged, he still sitteth on the throne.
(8) Yesterday, today, forever, his Word declareth he's the same. He still healeth man's diseases, through the power of his name.
(9) So if thou art filled with sickness, let all men hear my advice, go to the Savior with the quickness, he is the healer, Jesus Christ.
(10) He that is wise knoweth there is more to life than his own self and the worldly knowledge he hath accumulated.
(11) A man of great wisdom is humble and not puffed up with pride nor arrogance. He seeth himself as a novice, with much to learn.
(12) The fool thinketh he hath great wisdom and understanding. He giveth long speeches, full of nonsense and folly.
(13) Seekest thou a man of much knowledge? - If thou goeth unto the fool, he will tell thee, "It is I" - Take heed unto him at thine own peril.
(14) He who thinketh in his heart "I have finally arrived, now I know all things." - His pride hath deceived him. This man knoweth nothing.
(15) Those who are great in wisdom see themselves as beginners. Ever eager to receive instruction, that they may learn even more.
(16) The fool hateth instruction, "Who is wiser than I?" thinketh he.
(17) A man of ignorance looketh to himself in all things. He believeth in no God, "God is a crutch!" saith he, who is crippled and lost.
(18) The unbeliever careth not for Godly matters, they are worthless unto him. But on his bed of death he changeth his tune.
(19) Wait not until the very end for Salvation. Thy death may be sudden, whilst thou art asleep, and ye slip away quickly into darkness and hell.
(20) For who can foretell the day of his passing and the moment of truth when it befalleth him?
(21) All ye who are wise, live righteously as if each day is your last. That ye have no great shame, when thy time arriveth.

Chapter Eight

(1) Let every man consider his heart, let him think on his present state of being. If his heart is full of evil, there is no salvation in the end.
(2) He who considereth not that which is spiritual hath no preparation for his future. And that future is unending, spent in heaven or in hell.
(3) There is but one key to eternity in heaven, with unending delight and pleasure. His name is Jesus, and he must reside in the heart.
(4) Sin is a fact of life, every man hath sinned. Eternity is a fact, ye shall face it. Salvation is sorely needed if a man hopeth for heaven.
(5) Why fall one day headlong into hell, when there is a better path and quality of life in the here and now, and forevermore?
(6) But many there are who care not for righteousness, who declare "Grace, grace, but no holy life for me!" - A place in hell awaits.
(7) The unrighteous believers are a great multitude today. They mock grace with continual sin. Their destination, the flames of the damned, along with the lost.
(8) Be ye careful to avoid the "doctrines of devils" from the pulpits of today, to this ungodly generation.
(9) They are many, and designed for the itching ears of the masses who look for any "loophole" to avoid Godly living.
(10) When thou art come into Salvation, do as Christ commanded "Go and sin no more!"
(11) Though mistakes and iniquities will come, repent, arise and carry on in righteousness.
(12) Avoid sin, for even the scripture declareth that he that commiteth sin is of the devil.
(13) Walk ye in the paths of righteousness, for his name's sake, all ye who say "I am Christian" for thou hast taken his holy name.
(14) The world is watching, and ye are epistles, read of men. Be thou good examples of the believer of faith.
(15) For thy word carrieth little weight if thou walketh in hypocrisy.
(16) Whosoever crieth "But, Grace?" from hell, the devil shall mock such an one to scorn, for he recognizeth one of his own.
(17) Is thy God Holy? - Walk thou in holiness. Is thy God Evil? - Walk then, thou fool, into deviltry and behold thine everlasting undoing.
(18) For whomsoever followeth Satan willingly, deserveth all that cometh upon him. And after the judgement, he joineth his master in hell.
(19) Why follow after darkness when there is light? - Why go after wickedness and grief, when there is goodness and joy?
(20) Every man must decide, for he cannot have it both ways.


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