April/2015 -TheProverbs of The Unknown Prophet 777


(1) Let all men who think themselves wise turn from evil. for Satan is
the prince thereof and his path leadeth into the flames of the damned.
(2) Whosoever desireth righteousness, let him rule his tongue, that his speech be wholesome, his demeanor humble and his heart pure.
(3) The mouth of the wicked is filled with wrath, his lips drip poison,
he sweareth with many oaths. Unto him, profanity is just. Blind to his reproach, he is the devil's own fool.
(4) When a man's mouth bringeth strife, he must then live with the results of his folly. While peace is with the righteous, his words are music to the ear and like rain in the desert.
(5) The wicked love the shedding of innocent blood, while the righteous are careful to bind up the wounds, minister with kindness and heal that which was hurt and broken.
(6) The inconsiderate despiseth to bring succor to the afflicted, while the righteous pursue it with relish.
(7) When a man crieth out in anguish and pain, the cold-hearted goeth quickly in opposite directions, while the righteous cometh to him speedily, in great haste.
(8) How shall the rebel turn from his rebellion when he is blameless in his own sight? Therefore cometh trouble and adversity, that he may come to see his error, and his latter end be greater than the former.
(9) Can a fool be redeemed? Is there hope for his continual folly? In the weariness of his failure, he may one day seek salvation. Let the righteous pray for his soul.
(10) The self-righteous careth not for the salvation of the sinner, it is above him even to speak with such an one.
(11) The hypocrite is an irritation in the eyes of The Lord. When he prayeth and the heavens become as brass, he is clueless!
(12) In answer to the prayer of the hypocrite, the answer is no answer, he is on his own.
(13) When the sinner prayeth in earnest, with a repentant heart, angels are on the alert, salvation is near.
(14) Let him but speak "Jesus Christ, My Lord, Forgive Me!" and the angels do rejoice!
(15) When a man hath been redeemed, his world upended to the core, let his life of sin be ended, both now and forevermore.
(16) This new life, it is a one-way street, it starts fresh every day, and the Lord is there to guide men's feet and keep him in the way.
(17) Every man who finds salvation, wise to relent, his sins are gone. If he stumbles on occasion, should rise, repent and carry on.
(18) In this new life, ye must be holy, yearn for the straight and narrow way - Turn from the strife and trust God solely, learn to hate all that leads astray.
(19) The righteous are careful to do good, the wicked are careful to do evil. Two paths are followed, one to glory, the other to hell.
(20) The man who humbleth himself before God and repenteth of his iniquities, the Lord forgiveth him of them all.
(21) The proud is lost in his pride. He bendeth not the knee nor seeketh forgiveness. It is foolishness unto him.
(22) The wicked careth not for that which is spiritual. For unto him, righteousness is folly and wickedness preferred.
(23) The carnal mind loveth fleshly ways, it troubleth itself not with holy matters. The spiritual mind hath life and peace.


(1) Where fools gather, folly is seen, when the righteous go forth,
miracles can happen. Fools hath shame, the righteous bring hope.
(2) In a moment of great distress, even the ungodly will pray. But when the trouble hath passed, behold, back to wickedness he goeth.
(3) On his bed of death, a sinner will repent of his sins, but unto many, death striketh suddenly, and then it is too late.
(4) The fool saith "I have plenty of time!" when today could be his last day on earth as it shall be for multitudes worldwide.
(5) Therefore, let repentance be upon thy lips now, while thou art still in the land of the living.
(6) Salvation is for today, in the grave thine opportunity has passed.
(7) Be thou not foolish in spiritual matters, for thy soul is of the utmost importance.
(8) Thy days upon the earth are a proving ground. How then, shall ye fare on judgement day?
(9) Call upon the Lord, even now, while the breath of life still remaineth within thee.
(10) Judgement day shall come. Believer and unbeliever alike shall see it. The believer shall rejoice, the unbeliever shall weep.
(11) The unbeliever saith "When death cometh, all hath ended, there is life no more thereafter!" On judgement day he shall feel the fool.
(12) Unrepented sin taketh a man into the fires of hell, why then is it so hard for one to confess and be made clean?
(13) Christ died for the sinner, he took the punishment for every sin of all mankind on his own body. His pain was your gain! Repent and be saved!
(14) Whosoever turneth from his sin and followeth righteousness is wise indeed.
(15) Whosoever believeth upon the Son of God, and maketh him Lord, hath found the meaning of life. For thou hast brought pleasure unto thy maker.
(16) There is joy in the heart of the believer, while the ungodly have an empty heart they know not how to fill.
(17) The righteous follow a plain path, while the wicked stumble about in the dark.
(18) The scoffer's mouth is filled with argumentation. His tongue, it speaketh in derision of all that is holy. Unbelief is his very close friend.
(19) The wicked are a reproach unto their creator, yea, he taketh no pleasure in fools.
(20) When the righteous go forth in righteousness, the Lord doth smile with affection, while the wicked are a continual disappointment.
(21) Evil men doth spread their nets to snare the unwary. Be thou not caught in their entrapments, turn the opposite direction.
(22) The wicked devise evil plans, when they arise early it is in their hearts and upon their minds to do deviltry.
(23) A fool loveth to have fellowship with evil men, in his folly he becometh their victim soon.
(24) The wise avoid all that is wicked, where evil is, ye shall find him not. Wisdom guideth his feet, his steps are sure.
(25) He who lacks understanding is like a ship in a storm. Wherever the wind and waves go, there goeth he.


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