March/2015   TheProverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 


(1) Let thy heart meditate upon the Lord, let the mind attend unto the wise counsels of his Word.
(2) For in the fullness of understanding thou shalt be made wise. Repent, and salvation shall be thy great reward.
(3) The foolish man careth not for the Holy Scriptures, he is of the world and is stubbornly set against change.
(4) In adversity and trouble doth a man consider the spiritual. In the hardest of times he calleth upon his maker.
(5) He who is truly wise hath Salvation, for his delight is in the Lord, whom he serveth night and day. Though trouble and adversity cometh, he shall not be moved.
(6) Call upon the Lord in the days of thy youth, establish thyself when thou art young. Firm shall be thy foundation, ye shall not be ashamed.
(7) Avoid evil, say no to wickedness today, for it is a snare to the spirit and bringeth corruption to the heart and to the mind.
(8) Follow not after those who love trouble, and turn thy back upon the ways of the rebel, that thy days may be longer upon the earth.
(9) A foolish man hath many vices. In the multitude of wine and strong drink he is polluted.
(10) Behold, he smoketh of herbs and partaketh of drugs, his thoughts are soon confusion, his sobriety gone.
(11) He loveth song, dance and fornications to defile himself therewith all the night long. Soon he findeth his money is gone, the night has ended.
(12) He returneth to his home, he is sick and doth vomit, he is alone and most miserable, but shall repeat the same debauchery time and time again.
(13) He is empty of heart and broken in spirit on a road that endeth in destruction.
(14) There is help and healing for all who desire it and deliverance for all who are bound.
(15) For the Lord loveth the sinner and hath compassion on the ungodly. Else, how might a man be saved, unless at first he was lost?
(16) And many there be that would come and be made whole, but how then shall he stand with his companions? Shall he not be rejected by all his fellows?
(17) Therefore many are lost and give up all, that they might be pleasing unto men. Thou canst not serve God and man.
(18) When thou art at the crossroads, choose life and forsake evil.
(19) An honest man telleth no lies, while the liar speaketh truth seldom. He loveth deception and falsehood, they are his brother and sister.
(20) The words of the righteous are faithful and true, but the mouth of the ungodly hath poison.
(21) The sinner boasteth of his goodness, while the righteous is humble and hateth his own faults.
(22) Today is the day of salvation, now is the moment of decision, tomorrow may be too late.
(23) No man knoweth his length of days upon the earth. Let him live as though today is his last, after which cometh the judgement.
(24) All that is hidden shall come into the light, every secret revealed, every word, every deed.
(25) The fool believeth that after his death, all things have ended, when all things have only begun.
(26) He saith, "There is no hell!" until suddenly he findeth himself in the midst thereof and it becometh everlastingly too late.
(27) Let the sinner turn from his sin, the rebel from his rebellion, and let the fool turn from his folly.
(28) There is peace for the troubled heart and hope for the hopeless. When a man calleth upon the Lord, he heareth him.
(29) Hast thou faith? Let it grow, let it increase and let it flourish.
(30) Can a man walk with God? Can flesh and blood have fellowship with the Almighty? Behold, it is the meaning of life!


(1) For his pleasure, ye are created, in his image, thou wast formed.
(2) That ye should know of him, and know him, is his greatest desire.
(3) Whosoever is wise seeketh after that which is spiritual, for he is created a living spirit, clothed in flesh and blood.
(4) Deny not the spirit, for the spirit liveth forever. Flesh and blood goeth down into the grave, awaiting the resurrection and a new body. The spirit never dieth.
(5) The carnal man attends only to the matters of the flesh, while the spiritual man attends to matters of both flesh and of spirit. Wisdom is found in the latter.
(6) Whosoever denieth the spiritual, denieth his own self.
(7) Behold the fool, he thinketh not upon the spirit, when Godly conversation ariseth, he doth flee with the quickness.
(8) There is a generation that hateth all that is holy and just. Evil and deceit are their very close friends, with darkness preferred over light.
(9) When the righteous perish, the wicked rejoice. When the wicked perish, their companions mourn.
(10) Those with salvation see life and reward, while the wicked abideth in hell - All God's creation who trust in the Lord, in mansions of heaven shall dwell.
(11) Much Joy and gladness or, weeping and sorrow, the choice he has left up to you. There'll be no more sadness, a better tomorrow, behold, he hath made all things new.
(12) Let all who are wise now make a decision, which dwelling would you rather see? The hot flames of Hell, where there's lies and derision, a place you should not want to be?
(13) The choice should be plain, there's good and there's bad, forever with joy or with grief - Those born again, so much to be had, in the Lord there is rest and relief.
(14) The fool is lost in the day, he liveth for the moment at hand There is no tomorrow or provision for eternal matters. It is foreign unto him.
(15) When the fool heareth of salvation, he laugheth. Upon arrival in hell, he shall weep forevermore.
(16) The righteous man liveth carefully, while the wicked doth rage on like a storm. There is continual chaos and uproar.
(17) A fool meddleth in matters not his own. When it goeth bad, he is sorely amazed. A wise man leaveth well enough alone.
(18) Where there is strife and confusion, fools can be found in the midst thereof.
(19) There is laughter, mocking and derision in the home of a fool. A wise man dwelleth in peace.
(20) Whosoever laboreth long at wine soon findeth himself in great trouble. Poverty and destitution followeth soon thereafter.
(21) See the man who is void of understanding, who drinketh his troubles away? Behold, his troubles have only now started.
(22) Indeed thou art drunken, thy senses are dulled, but sobriety cometh in the morning.
(23) When man findeth himself in the depths of despair, yea, even the deepest dark pit. There is one direction to look unto there, upward, upward is it!

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