March/2015 ~ The Proverbs of The Unknown Prophet 777


(1) The Proverbs of The Unknown Prophet 777 - Servant Of The Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet unto the Nations.
(2) Let all who seek truth and righteousness be filled, let their days be long upon the earth and the work of their hands prosper and flourish.
(3) Whosoever findeth wisdom findeth riches, and when a man becometh wise, he possesseth great treasure.
(4) The hearts of fools are full of mischief, while the wise man hath knowledge and discretion. When temptations arise, he keepeth his vessel in honor.
(5) While the mind of the rebel abhorreth the truth, it is the wise 
man's daily bread. The rebels hate, the wise cherish.
(6) There is hope in the eyes of a child, hate in the heart of the wicked and praise on the lips of the righteous.
(7) When the righteous prosper, the nations are blessed, when a fool is their leader that nation shall falter.
(8) There is reward for the faithful and scorn for the slacker.
(9) A wise man provideth for his debts, the foolish squander their substance on folly and are continually in need.
(10) The slothful is hungry and wanting, while the prudent lack not meat and bread. His provender full, his pantry is stocked, while the slothful lies ever in bed.
(11) The glutton, he hath a continual feast, he drinketh and eateth with pleasure, from morning til night, food is his delight, his belly, he fills without measure.
(12) A fool hateth reproof and correction, for in his heart and mind, he believeth that he knoweth all things.
(13) There is wisdom in patience and forbearance, while the hasty rush in without thinking.
(14) The spiritual man is often given to fasting and prayer, while the carnal man loveth feasting and revelry. But the rebel is a fool, for he walketh in abominations, depravity and riotous living.
(15) There is joy and gladness in the hearts of the righteous, but the wicked are troubled in spirit.
(16) Blessings and favor are shown to the faithful, while the ungodly are swallowed up in their iniquities. 
(17) The fool regardeth not the spiritual, he loveth the carnal and all fleshly lusts. He followeth his own way, the path to ruin.
(18) The humble man bendeth the knee and prayeth for direction, while the fool boweth to none, his faith being wholly in himself.
(19) When a man hath inherited wealth, he findeth many friends at his door of a sudden. Yesterday they fellowshipped not, but on the day of his prosperity, behold, they gather in number.
(20) A wise man holdeth his tongue, while the fool blurteth out folly.
(21) In quietness and in prayer doth the righteous break bread, while the wicked are gluttons and follow after strong drink early.
(22) When a Godly man prospereth, the heathen is wroth and speaketh ill of him in envy.
(23) There is peace in the home of the righteous, while the wicked live in strife and confusion.
(24) A wise man doth court his beloved, and over time, both are aquainted with one another's ways. When they wed, there are no great surprises, 
(25) But many are fools, who are quick to marry, and soon shall part.
(26) Blessed are those who are patient, for in times to come they shall see their reward. But the fool wanteth everything now.
(27) A man of good character hath manners. The wicked are haughty and rude.
(28) When misfortune cometh upon the righteous, his faith will carry him through. But the rebel learneth nothing, he is bitter of heart and of mind.
(29) A righteous man knoweth that even though tried as by fire, a better tomorrow lieth just ahead. Therefore, he rejoiceth, even in adversity, for the just shall live by faith.
(30) Fools are consumed by their folly, when trouble ariseth, they quickly falter, while the righteous man counteth his blessings.
(31) The heathen is absorbed in his lack, for that which he hath not is of his utmost concern.
(32) The Godly rejoiceth in what he hath, yea, even the small blessings are cause for celebration.
(33) The righteous awaken with praise on their lips, the wicked arise to plot evil. The righteous, to righteousness, the wicked to deviltry.


(1) A wise man loveth instruction and heareth wisdom. It is his great pleasure, but the simple covereth the ears and shutteth the eyes.
(2) A dog will listen closer than a fool caught up in his folly.
(3) The simple despiseth learning, the wise goeth after it like treasure. 
(4) Whosoever loveth knowledge shall prosper in the learning thereof, but the wisest of men seek that which is spiritual.
(5) The upright shall dwell in a safe habitation, the righteous in peace and contentment, the wicked in continual strife.
(6) A man of prayer shall move mountains thereby, while the mocker despiseth to bend the knee. He will have none of it.
(7) Whosoever calleth upon the Savior hath salvation. The ungodly would rather run headlong into the flames.
(8) The wicked hateth all that is holy, while the believer walketh in Heavenly Places that the wicked know not of.
(9) There is peace and contentment in the Lord, but the rebel loveth the ways of the flesh. Behold, the lusts thereof are his delight.
(10) The sodomite loveth confusion, he seeketh to lie with mankind. The lesbian goeth against nature as well, her desire is with womankind. The beasts of the earth are more wise than these.
(11) Whosoever desireth hope within must find the Prince of Peace. He alone breaketh the bonds of sin and bringeth a man's release.
(12) The Holy one of Israel delivereth from despair, his ways are just, his Word is true, like none other can compare.
(13) The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David maketh whole, Unto all who trust in him there is redemption for the soul.
(14) The Good Shepherd careth for his sheep, he watcheth night and day, never to slumber, never to sleep, he showeth them the way.
(15) And when the night is dark and cold, wolves come upon the path, The Shepherd's might and strength is bold, his heart is filled with wrath.
(16) And now the rod is in his hand, the evil taketh flight, for there is none that may withstand this shepherd in his might.
(17) Let the humble call upon his name, Oh let him be adored. Their lives will never be the same with Jesus Christ as Lord!
(18) Only a fool continueth in the darkness and abideth in shadows when the sun shineth in it's strength.
(19) In matters of the spirit, even the blind may see, while the rebel hath lost his way and falleth headlong into the ditch.
(20) Rejoice now in the day at hand, thy lips be full of praise, this hour shall never come again, forsake thine evil ways. 
(21) Turn now thy back from evil deeds, and thou shalt be made whole. There is no greater healing than the healing of the soul.
(22) Hold not a grudge with thy neighbor, though ye may never forget the matter, let thine anger now subside.
(23) Carry not gossip from door to door, for the busybody bringeth strife. Evil results are the fruits thereof.
(24) Hold thy tongue when thou art stirred in thy wrath, for in the heat of the moment, thine adversary may strike a deadly blow in response.
(25) Adjoin thyself not unto a fool, for inso doing thou hast lowered thy standards and hath become a fool thyself.
(26) When the simple minded take up with men of violence, the shedding of blood in days to come may be their very own.
(27) Turn from evil and live, embrace it and die.
(28) Avoid cross words in thy home, let not thine abode become a battlefield of war.
(29) The wise loveth peace, the rebel causes strife.
(30) If thou loveth life, turn from wicked men, for their ways lead to death and destruction.
(31) Hast thou desired an early grave? - Fellowship with violent men and thy desire may soon come true.
(32) Turn thy back upon evil, when it ariseth, have no part of it, that ye become not evil likewise.


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