‚Äč09Jul16  #03 ~ "Such An One Hath Faith!" ~ Commentary

"When thou art at the crossroads, choose life and forsake evil."
(From The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 ~ 3:18)

Dear Ones,
Are you at a crossroads in your life? ~ Most of us are, as we must continually make choices in our day-to-day lives. ~ Some of them are easy, while others may be more difficult, or even downright hard. ~ Decisions, decisions......what is a person to do? ~ Sometimes the answer is so obvious, we miss it entirely. ~ We can pray about it, and ask for guidance from his Holy Spirit! ~ Forget the horoscope, for God is a jealous God, and it is his great desire to aid and assist us in life.~ Remember the little question that became popular years ago..."What would Jesus do?" ~ Then, people began selling bracelets with "W.W.J.D.?" written on them to remind them to ask this of themselves when facing decisions. ~ Not a bad idea, is it? ~ Let's simplify it...will your decision make life better, or is there evil in it? ~ Weigh this out in your mind, then go in the proper direction, led of the Lord. ~ He'll give you an inner witness and an assurance in your spirit.~ Choose life and follow Jesus, he's our greatest example. ~ Don't be afraid! ~ Shun the wrong, and do what you sense is right. Using this formula, you cannot go wrong!

God Bless You at your Crossroads, and may your decisions be led of him!

In His Service,
The Unknown Prophet 777

Praising My Savior \0/ ALL The Day Long!

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Have A Great Day! : )

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