07Jul16  #02 ~ "Such An One Hath Faith!" ~ Commentary

All men rejoice when life is easy and times are pleasant, but he who is glad in the midst of hardship and troubles, such an one hath faith.
The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 ~ 11:4

Dear Friends,
We all have "bad days" from time to time, and many times we get discouraged. Yes, it's easy to rejoice in the good seasons, but when things get rough, some lose heart, some get depressed, and others just give up! ~ Is it even possible to be glad in the midst of adversity? ~ Of course it is! ~ These are the times of our life when we must walk by faith, and not by sight. ~ Just remember, in the earthly realm, when darkness descends and we cannot see the light, we can still be confident the sun will shine again for us in the morning. ~ Rejoice, my friends, in whatever you're going through....a new day will dawn and this too shall pass!

God Bless You!

In His Service,
The Unknown Prophet 777

Praising My Savior \0/ ALL The Day Long!

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