06Jul16  #01 ~ "Let Every Man Consider His Heart." ~ Commentary

(1) Let every man consider his heart, let him think of his present state of being. If his heart is full of evil, there is no salvation in the end.
The Proverbs Of The Unknown Prophet 777 ~ 8:1

What is your "present state of being"? ~ Take some time to examine your heart. Where are you RIGHT NOW in your spiritual walk? ~ Yesterday is behind you, so you cannot "coast along" on past victories and exploits alone. ~ Look within for a moment. Do you hold grudges, are there jealousies strife, hatred, unforgiveness? ~ If there is evil, you need to get it out of you...TODAY! ~ "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." as the Bible tells us plainly to do in Phillipians 2:12 ~ We are not promised a tomorrow here on earth. Each and every day, thousands of people die. ~ There is only this present moment for sure. Use your time wisely!

God Bless You!

In His Service,
The Unknown Prophet 777

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